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To adopt the pantsuit without being mistaken, we take inspiration from the stylish looks of the fashion influencers. These girls know how to wear the combi and above all, which model to choose. To have a dreamy silhouette in pants, we explain everything! You probably know it, but the trouser combination is one of the essential pieces of fashion. No, do not be afraid, we assure you that it is easy to wear! Just choose the right model and wear it well.

To adopt the suit, we take inspiration from the most stylish looks. In street style, fashion influencers appear in oversize, slim, cropped, and all-over trousers. With that, you’re sure to find inspiration! The good news is that the jumpsuit is worn all seasons. In winter, it is adorned with long sleeves and hot materials. In spring, she opts for soft colors and is happy to wear a denim jacket.

In summer, it is chosen light and colorful and it is associated with pretty sneakers. If the combination appeals as much, it is because it adapts to all situations. We love the chic side for the office, its sexy effect in the evening and the casual look for a Sunday walk. And to be sure to afford a dream silhouette, we put on a model bent or belted. We mark the size or we opt for a subtle neckline. In any case, we highlight its assets!

It is at the end of the 60’s that she starts her fashion rise, thanks to Yves Saint Laurent who integrates it into her 1968 collection … Then, disco years force, the combination will be popularized in the 70s and 80s, especially with the clip Michael Jackson with you and his glitter combi!


Because it’s one and only piece, like a dress, no need to look with what to wear it. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a twig to wear it. It can even be flattering for luscious girls: you just have to opt for a model neckline notched or sleeveless to reveal a little skin and high heels to accentuate the feminine side and lift the silhouette.


There is no age to wear it! From Rihanna to Cindy Crawford to Kristen Stewart, Kendall Jenner, Cameron Diaz and Heidi Klum, the jumpsuit fits all styles and situations.

You’ve taken the plunge but you do not know how to wear your jumpsuit with anything but sneakers? We explain to you.


“I finally found a combination that does not sarouel, is not too fair in the crotch and fits my size shift between the top and bottom, says Armelle. But as the size is very small and it is as comfortable as a toggle, I fear the reflections of the type ‘you go out in Babygro?’ that I dare not wear it except with high heels. It’s a shame because I would enjoy going out more often if I dared sneakers, like most people. ”


It all depends on his style. If it is relaxed enough to support to be rolled up at the bottom, do not deprive you to go up to reveal your ankles. Aim five centimeters above this little bone called the malleolus.

Think of Gwyneth Paltrow, who came close to disgrace in combination with Elie Saab’s body and flesh color.It also avoids the effect too large or without shape at the waist and it does not hesitate to surround it to avoid the effect “romper” a bit too regressive, even at 20 years.


We forget the too flashy colors and we banish the flashy prints in favor of solid colors such as khaki, denim (not too light) or even ecru. So we dare the floor fire hem or even rolled which reveals the ankle. At 20 years we can dare the prints, the playsuit and even the sneakers!

Like Kristen Stewart in total look Chanel who had kept his sneakers stitched just before the rise of the steps in Cannes. Like Alessandra Ambrosio, we play on the feminine side of the jumpsuit with sexy cutouts and fluid material. It is accessorized with an it bag (Céline here) and it is worn with bare-feet flat to avoid the effect too stilted day …


We dare the combi of pompiste very trendy this season / As Heidi Klum we choose it in khaki and we wear it with beige boots with heels, we roll up the sleeves and we roll up hems.

If you are small, the figure will look less compact and you will not have to wear heels. You have the choice between sneakers, derbies, low boots or, more feminine, shoes with small square heels or ballerinas revisited as glove shoes.


On the other hand, with a fluid and flared combination, make sure that the hem is close to the ground. Ballerinas prohibited on pain of losing centimeters and gain a few years. Depending on your morphology and circumstances, opt for thick-soled derbies or fine, perched heels. Your legs will look slimmer.


And if you have fallen for a shortened suit well above the ankle, you can alternate small and high heels. Side low shoes, to you the male shoes -derbies, loafers or richelieu- low-cut ballerinas or slippers. On days when you want to get high, put on sandals with tights, sock boots or other fitted boots that will avoid the “post” effect.